7 Reasons iPhone’s iOS Beats Android

The iPhone and Android are both stylish and popular options for smartphone buyers. Plus, both are well-functioning phones, but the iPhone edges out the Android for several reasons. For one, the iPhone has a much more compelling camera as well as a longer battery life. The amount of storage is also incredible. There are even more advantages of owning an iPhone.

  1. Superior Hardware and Software Integration


The 3D Touch display feature sets the iPhone far apart from the Android. This feature was first made available with the iPhone 6s. The 3D touch allows users to navigate quickly from the home screen by simply pressing an app icon. With The Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8 Plus, users can add various and chic lighting effects with just one tap. Moreover, users can login on the iPhone X by scanning their face. Reportedly, Android is at least two years behind this available Apple technology.


  1. Faster Processing


Those who own an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, can do things like opening large files, word processing, and editing video much faster due to the A11 Bionic chip. The Android does not have anything that comes close to this speed. Gamers will notice that their gaming experience will be faster and smoother and more enjoyable due to the exceptional level of speed.


  1. Absence Of Bloatware


It is a fact that many Android users seek advice on how to remove bloatware on their phones. Lately, Android phone makers, like Samsung, have had the courtesy to put all their useless bloatware in one single folder, but it still takes up valuable space on the phone. The iPhone does not and will never contain any of this kind of nonsense material, which catapults them way above the Android.


  1. Easy To Use


From its inception, the iPhone has been the easiest phone to navigate. Android makers have made assurances to improve navigation, but the iPhone still beats them out. Apple has added enhancements over the years like Siri, iMessages and various widgets that can be customized, but all in all the phones still work pretty much the same. Simply turn on the phone, touch on an app and go from there. It’s got Siri that can easily find¬†what are some good house plants or some random question you may ask.¬†


  1. Compatible With Macs


Mac computers and laptops and other devices are very popular and work well with iPhones. For example, the Continuity feature, allows users to send and receive text messages and make and receive phone calls on their Mac and continue on the task on their iPhone or vice versa. Plus, users can keep all tasks in sync by using iCloud. Another great thing is that all photos taken on the iPhone can be easily accessed on any Mac device. This is also the case for notes and documents.


  1. Apple Pay Bests Android Pay


Android Pay rivals Apple Pay, but to date, Apple Pay is the most popular method used to make mobile payments. Apple Pay is simple to use. All users need to do to make a purchase is to place their phone near the payment area when checking out and press the Touch ID sensor on the phone. Those with an iPhone X can use Face ID to make a payment.


  1. Reliable Support


People who have an Android phone have to search for solutions online or have to call their carrier if they have a problem or question. This is not the case with iPhone users. They can get help by utilizing the large Apple website database. In addition, they can chat live with a representative or set up an appointment at an Apple Store. Android users do not have this type of service available to them to date.